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June 20, 2012
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Chatter from students and metallic slamming of lockers echoed through the halls of Monster High. It appeared to be an average morning at the monster school. Students gathered their books and materials for their first class of the day and gossiped with their friends. All seemed perfectly normal that morning.

As always, there were the groups of students who groaned as they entered the building, upset that they, yet again, had to get up early and go to that school. For Hedward Horseman, however, there was a different reason entirely for why he didn't want this day to arrive. It was this morning that he knew he had to fix the damage he had caused the
night before, and he was scared out of his mind to do it.

The shadows under his eyes were darker than they usually were. Hedward hadn't slept all night, not since he went over to Bo's. That was the night everything spiraled out of control. Why couldn't he keep himself calm? Why did he have to let his teenage hormones ruin the relationship he had with his best friend? He couldn't stop the panging guilt he felt in his chest and it wouldn't give him a moment's peace.

Hedward had to make everything right, and it was now or never. He had tried calling and texting Bo but she wouldn't answer. Why did he expect her to do anything different? He understood completely why she should ignore him. He came on to her that night in her bedroom, both of them soaked to the skin from the rain. He confessed his feelings to her, to Bo; his best friend since childhood. Everything was going fine; he felt instant relief of getting his hidden feelings off of his chest, and then Bo rejected him.  Hedward didn't blame her for that; she had a boyfriend after all.

Hedward hid his face in his hand as he walked down the hallway. He had to find Bo before first period started. He'd check by her locker.

He felt a sudden gust of wind rush by him. He looked over his shoulder to see what was happening. It was his friend, Dani Jones, and she seemed to be in a hurry.

"Ahoy there, Dani!" Hedward called.

Dani turned around and smiled at Hedward.

"Ahoy, Hed." She answerd.

Dani would normally laugh at Hedward's usual attempt to speak Dani's pirate lingo but today there was nothing, not even a chuckle. Her mind must be occupied with where she was
trying to go.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" Hedward asked as he walked towards her.

Dani looked down a moment, she seemed flustered about something. "Oh, well, I have something I need to do. It be very important, ye see."

Hedward nodded. "Alright. I won't keep you. I'll see you around."

"Aye, see ya." Dani said as she took off once again.

Hedward wondered what it was that was so important but decided not to worry about it. He had his own business he needed to take care of.

He continued walking to Bo's locker. The journey felt as though it took all day. Each thought that raced through Hedward's mind made him dizzy. What would he say? How should he start his apology? I'm sorry that I tried to kiss you, Bo. Please don't have your jackal-god boyfriend beat me up. No, not sentimental enough.

Hedward began to hope that Bo had already gone to class, giving him time to think over his apology. But to his dismay, she was there. There was no turning back now. Hedward made a loud gulp and forced his legs to carry him the rest of the way over to Bo.
"Um, good morning, Bo." Hedward timidly greeted.

Bo continued looking through her locker, not even turning around to face him.

"What do you want, Hedward?"

Hedward's heart sank. Her tone sounded so serious. She didn't even call him by the nickname she always did. He didn't know if he'd be able to achieve forgiveness this time.

"Um, about yesterday, I wanted to-"

"Don't even start, Hedward. I don't want to hear it."

"Please, Bo, hear me out. I want to apologize." Hedward begged.

Bo turned around and leaned against her locker, arms folded across her chest. She raised an eyebrow and glared. "I'm listening."

Hedward took a deep breath and began, "Look, I don't know what came over me. I lost control. It was very immature of me and I promise it will never happen again."

Bo studied Hedward for a moment until she was sure that he was sincere.

"Okay, Hed, I believe you. But you're not getting away with this that easily," Bo stated. "I told Nubis."

Hedward's eyes widened. "You did WHAT? How could you tell him?"

Bo gave him another glare. "He's my boyfriend, you came between us. I'm not going to lie to him."

"Not saying anything isn't the same as lying!" Hedward shouted.

"Oh, you mean like not telling your best friend that you have feelings for her?" Bo asked.

Hedward was fuming. "That's not the same!"

"It seems like the same thing to me," Bo said. "And by the way, he's not happy with you."

"Well it doesn't matter if he's happy about it!"

Bo sighed. "Hed, I have one question. Why did you decide to tell me you like me when I'm with someone?"

"It's not like I planned that," Hedward snapped. "Why did you have to hook up with him in the first place?"

Bo's fiery red eyes squinted under her dark eyebrows. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that Nubis doesn't deserve you! You're too good for him! You'd be better off with-"

"Who? You?" Bo interrupted.


Hedward was drowning in emotion. He didn't have a filter for his words anymore. All that he felt in that moment came rushing out.

"Bo, I love you! I love you with all of my heart! I could give you so much more than he could ever give you! Why can't you see that?"

"This isn't about who's right for me, is it, Hed? This is about you being jealous of Nubis." Bo's voice began to rise in volume along with Hedward's.

"No it's not! It's about him taking you away from me!"

"Don't blame him for what you did!"

Hedward grabbed Bo by the shoulders and pushed her up against the lockers. He looked into her eyes, and in that moment all of his anger transformed into sorrow. He had to fight back tears now.

"Please, Bo, please. Leave Nubis and be with me. I'm better for you. I can take care of you. Who knows you better than I do? Please."

Bo began to snarl. "When is it going to get through your thick head that…"


Dani turned around the corner then suddenly backtracked. She hid around the corner and caught her breath. This was it. This was the day she had waited so long for. The day she was going to tell Lagoona everything. She looked around the corner and spotted Lagoona at her locker. Gil or her friends were nowhere in sight which meant the two of them would be all alone.

The barnacle covered girl knew that Lagoona was dating Gil but lately they seemed to be
growing apart, or at least that was what Dani noticed. Gil was still caught up with the fresh water and salt water debate and that seemed to ruffle Lagoona's hypothetical feathers. Did Dani want to break Lagoona and Gil up? Of course not! But then again, Dani had a spark of hope deep down that Lagoona might consider her. It was a stretch, a very big stretch at that, but Dani hoped. Hope was the only thing driving her to confess her feelings towards her friend.

Dani began to walk over to Lagoona and then she began to worry. What would Lagoona say about Dani liking girls? What would she say about Dani liking her? Even if Lagoona didn't romantically have feelings for her, Dani decided that she'd be okay if Lagoona still wanted to be friends, but Dani was scared that Lagoona would see her differently. Maybe she shouldn't do this.

"Dani! How are ya, mate?" Lagoona called.

Dani's heart began to beat faster. It was too late to turn back now.

"Hi, Lagoona," Dani said with a shy wave. "Um, could I have a word with ye?"

"Sure." Lagoona answered.

Dani looked around. There were students wandering the halls and she was afraid that they would hear.

"Um, not here. Follow me."

Dani took Lagoona's webbed hand and led her to the school's pool. The room was empty. Perfect.

Dani turned to her good friend and took a deep breath.

"Lagoona, I have to tell ye something. Something I've been keeping to meself for a long time. I think ye have the right to know and it's been eating away at me."

Lagoona stared at Dani, wondering just what was bothering her fellow sea creature.

"What's wrong? I'm here for ya, ghoul."

"Well," Dani began, eye and eyepatch to the floor. "There be something about me that be different. Please don't be upset with me."

Lagoona gave a soft smile. "I won't be upset with you. Go on."

Dani took another breath and looked Lagoona straight in the eye. "I don't like boys, Lagoona. I like girls."

Lagoona made a small giggle and Dani looked away with sorrow. Lagoona noticed this and touched her friend's shoulder.

"It's okay, Dani. I laughed because you made it seem like such a big deal. You should be who you are no matter what others think. And I'm your friend. I wouldn't be upset with who you are."

Dani smiled for a moment, and then remembered that her confession wasn't finished.

"Oh, there be more."

Lagoona raised her eyebrow curiously. "Oh, go on then."

"Lagoona, I like ye."

"I like you too," Lagoona replied. "You're a really good friend."

Dani shook her head. "No, that's not what I meant."

"Oh?" Lagoona asked, genuinely confused.

"What I mean is, I like ye a lot. I've had a crush on ye for a long time. Ever since the
day we met."

Dani's eyes peered off to the side and she twisted a strand of her hair nervously.
Lagoona looked at her friend, her mouth quivering hesitantly trying to find the right words to say.

"Crikey. Dani, I'm sorry…"


I just don't feel the same way…


Hedward stared at Bo. He didn't want to believe what he heard. He began stuttering German words.

Bo's face was filled with pity for her friend, but not the kind that Hedward wanted.

"Look what you're doing to yourself, Hedward. Can you see yourself right now? How pathetic you look? Nubis is an amazing guy and I really like him. I love being around him and he makes me happy. I thought you'd want me to be happy. Would you really take away my happiness for yourself? That's not the best friend I used to have."

"Used to have?" Hedward didn't want to know what she meant by that, but she was going to tell him anyway.

"Hedward," Bo took a deep breath and looked away, gently pushing Hedward away from her. "I don't think we should be friends anymore."

This is what Hedward had feared. This is what he had tried to prevent by hiding his feelings. He had ruined everything.

Bo continued, "It wouldn't be a good idea for us to see each other for a while."

"How long is a while?" Hedward sadly asked.

"I don't know!" Bo yelled. "As long as it takes. Goodbye, Hed."

Bo grabbed her things and slammed her locker door. She bolted down the hallway as the bell rang, leaving Hedward alone.

Hedward watched as his former best friend disappeared down the hall. As soon as she was out of sight he clutched clumps of hair in his fists. What had he done? Once again, he couldn't control himself. As much as he wanted to pin the blame on Nubis or even on Bo he knew that all of it was his fault. In his quest to evolve the relationship between him and his best friend he lost her completely.


"I thought ye would say that…" Dani disappointedly whispered.

Lagoona saw how sad her friend became and began to open her arms for a hug. "Oh sweetie…"

Dani stopped Lagoona before she could say or do anything.

"It's okay. I know ye be with Gil. I'm sorry I told you." She said sadly.

Lagoona smiled softly and accomplished her hug. "Don't be sorry, mate.  We can still be friends."

Dani looked at her with disbelief. "Ye still want to be friends?"

"Of course! You're such a sweet ghoul. I hope there are no hard feelings between us."

"No, no hard feelings," Dani answered with a small smile. "I'm glad that ye're not mad."

"I'm not mad."

Dani was glad that Lagoona wasn't taking this the wrong way. But there was one more thing that Dani needed to clarify.

"Lagoona, please don't tell Gil about this."

Lagoona looked confused. "Why?"

"I don't want him to get the wrong idea. Please, I just want to forget this ever happened."

Lagoona gave a sympathetic nod. "Sure, Dani. Whatever you want."

At that moment the bell for first period rang.

"Oh no, we're going to be late. I'll see ya around, Dani." Lagoona waved to her friend as she ran out of the pool area.

Dani gave a small wave in return and made her way out into the hallway once Lagoona had left. Dani began to turn a corner to get to her class and noticed that Lagoona had met up with Gil. She was in his arms, looking as happy as ever.

Dani's barnacle encrusted heart didn't know what to feel; one half was disappointed that Lagoona turned down her feelings for her while the other half was happy that Lagoona agreed to still remain friends, even after Dani revealed her secret. Dani knew just how much joy being with Gil brought to Lagoona and she was glad that her dearest friend was happy. But that spark of hope that was nestled in Dani's chest had faded out, leaving a tiny drop of sadness within her. Dani wanted Lagoona to be happy, but she also wanted herself to be happy. For the longest time she thought her happiness could only be received if it was gift wrapped along with Lagoona. She'd have to find happiness somewhere else. She knew she would find it. Somewhere. Somehow.
Second part to this: [link] Yeah, I know the second part is over due. Just pretend that this was the next day. XP

Feelings have been told, the consequences have been given. What will happen now?

Hedward, I don't know what you've become but whatever it is I'm ashamed of it. XP The good news is that he'll get better. He's just broken right now. A little more than he should be but whateves.

Dani got off much easier than Hed did but she's still hurtin' a bit. She'll be okay though. She just needs a distraction.

Hedward Horseman, Dani Jones, and Bo Geyman (c) me
Nubis Sarcophagus (c) *SinayaStarChild
Monster High (c) Mattel
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Yeah, but they'll be okay.
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yeah i would love to rp with u

just tell me how u would feel better chatting with me and working with me
pixiesera Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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Cool. I'm Sarah, I'm 18, and I also live in the US.
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